"Global Landscapes" is a photographic long term project on the contemporary landscape. It’s based on the awareness that the presence of man has radically changed the environment.

Nothing new, the idea though is to discover again what we take for granted but isn’t....

These images, shot in very different geographic areas, from the United States to Iceland, from Oman to Singapore, show the globalization trademarks that we all know, with differences between countries less and less evident.

Landscapes that look the same everywhere, not just globalized but globalizing, with contradictions and ‘cold’ similitudes; either urban or natural, spaces and environments become mere backgrounds to subjects and objects which, while on one hand seem surreal, ‘out of place’, are on the other "recognized" as part of our daily life.

This contrast is fascinating and unsettling at the same time; photography allows us to go in depth and analyse aspects that normally flow away in indifference, making us reflect upon the "visual excesses" we’re unconsciously dealing with every day and that seldom surface to consciousness.

The Environment is therefore presented here as almost accidental, discordant, where nature seems temporarily or irredeemably defeated.
At the beginning of the visual journey these settings appear normal and familiar, but eventually it's those discordant elements, the annoying colour of a sign post, the fake reproduction of a landscape on the back of a truck, the ones that we'll remember.

Man, it seems, is no match for nature.

Leonardo Brogioni